Welcome to School September 2020

trees and rainbow image

Dear Children,
I am very excited to welcome our new children to Nursery and Reception and to bring everyone else back to school in September.

It will feel a little bit different for those of you returning but I am looking forward to seeing everyone and having the chance to concentrate on our learning in a variety of exciting tasks as we work through the first half term.

When you come back to school things will feel a little bit different but please don’t worry, we have lots planned to help everyone find their way through the first few weeks.

I promise we will have fun and giggle and laugh and most of all, it will be our very own adventure! The teachers have planned some amazing things for you to do.

For those of you in Year 1 or above you will also have special friend in your learning bubble who has already been in school over the last few weeks and they will help guide you and share mindful breathing with you.

Throughout the week, usually in the mornings, your class will have a special session with Kay who will help you with some mindful strategies and a chance for you to share any worries you may have or to tell her something fabulous and amazing.  All the grown ups working with you will take plenty of time talking through how you are feeling and will be able to help if something is bothering you.

You will wash your hands lots!

I know that it will feel funny and there may be butterflies in your tummy – even if you are Y6 and very, very old but… when you arrive in September, we will make it better, we will keep you happy and safe and you will see friends and grownups who are very excited about seeing you.

I hope that August brings sunshine and smiles for you and your family. I hope that if you take a trip somewhere you have lots of fun and that you can share your holiday memories when you see me in September.

I will do my best to catch up with all of you when we are back at school.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure who I am or have just forgotten what I look like I’ve attached my picture, just like your teacher has.

Headteacher Welcome

Jacqui Ames