Welcome to School September 2021

To Everyone at Norbury Hall,

I am very excited to welcome our new children to Nursery and Reception and to bring everyone else back to school in September for a brand new school year.

The last few months have proven to be a remarkable experience for us at Norbury Hall and despite the turbulence of the pandemic and the impact on our bubbles at times we managed to enjoy our learning quests and outdoor zones to the full.  We are all looking forward to continuing with our learning and exploring our quest adventures in nearer normal arrangements.

It will still feel a little bit different for those of you returning, assemblies will feel different and playtimes will not be completely the same but you will get chance to see more of your friends and lunchtime in the dining room is going to be back for everyone.

Our first half term quest is called Determination, Determination, Determination and we think it will reflect some of the characteristics you have shown in the months leading up to now. Without giving away too many secrets it will be an active half term with lots to make, do, explore and share and I have no doubt you won’t amaze your teachers with what you produce.

Although things will not be exactly back to normal we have lots planned to help everyone find their way through the first few weeks.

I promise we will have fun and giggle and laugh and most of all, it will be our very own adventure! The teachers have planned some amazing things for you to do.

Whilst we said goodbye to Kay in July as she went on her own adventure, we say hello to Juliette who is going to help us all focus on our mindful techniques and share our thoughts and feelings.  All the grown ups working with you will take plenty of time talking through how you are feeling and will be able to help if something is bothering you.  We are going to spend lots of time in circles and lots of time celebrating all the things we are thankful for.

You will wash your hands lots!

I know that at times, it may feel funny and there may be butterflies in your tummy – even if you are Y6 and very, very old but… as we move through September, it will feel better, we will keep you happy and safe and you will spend time with friends and grownups who are very excited about spending time with you.

I hope that this year brings sunshine and smiles for you and your family. I hope that together we can take a very special learning trip somewhere where you have lots of fun and make brand new learning memories.

I will do my best to catch up with all of you when we are back at school.

Jacqui Ames