Quest Learning – Autumn 2020

Into the Unknown

As a school we endeavour to constantly develop and improve our curriculum. The recent pandemic has made us even more aware of the need to do this so that our curriculum is meeting the needs of our learners in any given moment. We feel that learning through a quest will support the return to school for our children.

What is Quest?

Quest is a way of delivering our curriculum by engaging and involving our learners often through an imagined world. The children are fully immersed in the quest making decisions within learning activities; determining the pathways taken and working in a collaborative way. They undertake roles within the narrative as it unfolds. The process is built upon a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge that the children will acquire – these are taken from the National Curriculum. It is a cross curricular way of learning.

The quest for this term is entitled ‘Into the Unknown

It is designed to develop geographical skills but will incorporate other curriculum areas such as science, DT and art.
All children in the school will learn more about Arctic and Antarctic environments as part of this quest.
Our Nursery and Reception learners will be introduced to quest learning once they have settled into school.

Year 1 and Year 2

Penguin is lost. He needs to make his way back to the South Pole. He would like the children to help him in this journey. The children will determine the route to be taken; they will build and test boats; they will pack a suitcase for life in Antarctica, will learn how penguins live and will build a home for penguin upon arrival at their destination. Learning will be introduced by penguin himself, using letters from boat builders as well as an additional challenge from a friend of penguin who they will encounter as they make their journey.

Year 3 and Year 4

Ernie “The Shack” Shackleton is recruiting advisers for his exciting expedition across Antarctica. Unfortunately for Years 3 and 4, Shackleton doesn’t appear to be a very capable explorer. In fact, the only things standing between him and certain death is their good advice. Can they explain to him why it might not be a good idea to climb a volcano, why he should wear a jumper, and what on earth all that white, cold stuff is that is blocking the ship’s path? Will they rescue the crew and Shackleton from an icy end? Are they able to navigate their way home in time for the half term holiday? Let’s hope so!

Year 5 and 6

Matthew Henson was the first American to reach the North Pole in 1909 but he wasn’t recognised for his achievements. Other members of the expedition were celebrated with medals however when Matthew returned to America, people didn’t even believe what he had done. Thirty years after his death, people began to talk about him and share his stories. Year 5 and 6 will be stepping into Matthew’s shoes and exploring life at sea, learning how to navigate around the world, taking an expedition to The Arctic Circle to locate the North Pole and learning how to adapt and thrive in freezing temperatures.

Download the Quest Overview Word Document