As legislated by the Education Reform Act 1988, as amended, the School Governing Board is required to determine and publish a Charging and Remissions Policy. The School Governing Board anticipates that it may be necessary from time to time to amend the policy but, if so, parents will be notified accordingly.


Terms used in this policy are those defined within the legislation.

School Hours

School hours are those when the school is actually in session. They do not include the midday break.

We are working to the statutory expectation of 32.5 hours of school hours (including breaks) from September 2023.

School opens for regidstration at 8:45am from September 2023 for all learners.

Nursery offers a variation of times to support 15 hours a week – please refer to the Nursery page.

Reception and KS1 finish at 3:15pm

KS2 finish at3:20pm


This policy confirms the right of the School to invite voluntary contributions for the benefit of the School or in support of any activity organized by the School whether during or outside the school hours. If insufficient voluntary contributions are received then regretfully the activity would be cancelled. No charge will be made (except at (i), (ii) and (iii) below for any activity offered to pupils during the school day. No charge will be made (except at (i) to (iv) below) for any activity which is organized by the School outside the school day.

  • Charges may be made for the actual cost of tuition to individuals or groups in the playing of a musical instrument not being part of a syllabus or prescribed examination where parents have indicated their agreement in advance.
  • Charges may be made for materials or ingredients required for practical subjects where parents have indicated in advance their desire to own the product.
  • Charges may be made for actual board and lodging.

A reduction of charges in respect of board and lodging will be made for pupils whose parent(s) or guardian(s) is/are in receipt of any allowance of the following state benefits: Income Support, Income-based Job Seekers Allowance, Working Families Tax Credit or Disabled Person’s Tax Credit. Where pupils are eligible for Pupil Premium funding in school.

  • during school hours
  • or outside school hours but required to fulfill a statutory duty or syllabus of a prescribed examination
  • Charges may be made for other activities which are recognisably distinct from the curriculum where parents have indicated their agreement in advance.

Norbury Hall Primary School arranges a varied programme of off site visits to places of interest. Such visits are intended to enhance and extend the work in the classroom. In order to fund these activities parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the activity being planned for their child’s year group. Additionally, the School plans regular school based events and activities from which all children benefit. To help meet the cost of these the School Governing Board has approved an annual request to parents for a voluntary contribution of £7.50 per family at the start of each academic year.

Instrumental Tuition

  • Instrumental tuition is normally made available to pupils in Year 2 upwards, in small groups of not usually more than six pupils.
  • Where a child is offered a place for musical tuition parents will be asked from 1 September 2018 for a contribution per term, payable termly in advance with a commitment to continue for the full academic year. This is based on a minimum of 33 lessons over the full academic year.
  • The School Governing Board has approved a subsidy annually from the School Budget towards the full cost of instrumental tuition, therefore parents and children are asked to be mindful of this and to make a commitment for the full academic year.

Residential Visit

  • A residential visit is offered each year to children in Year 5.
  • The School Governing Board has approved a subsidy annually from the school budget towards the total costs to provide teacher cover costs to release the required number of staff to accompany the pupils on this off-site residential visit.
  • However, if there are insufficient voluntary contributions and interest from pupils and parents to make the visit viable then regretfully the visit will be unable to take place.

Damaged or Lost Books

  • Charges may be made for the cost of repairing or replacing any damaged property or item resulting from a pupil’s inappropriate behaviour.
  • Charges may be made for the cost of replacing any property or items that has been loaned or hired to a pupil and not returned.


  • The discretion to remit in whole or in part any charge, which may be made by the school, has been vested in the Headteacher.
  • Remission may be made on the grounds of educational and/or financial considerations with regard to both the pupil and School needs.
  • Remissions may be made on a group or individual pupil basis.
  • Parents are encouraged to discuss such matters in confidence with the Headteacher and should be aware that no child will be excluded from an activity because his/her parents do not contribute financially to the cost of an activity.

Revised and agreed at the Resources Sub Group meeting May 2022